ProDoula Placenta Prep in Raleigh

10:00 am - 05/16/2018

@ Raleigh, North Carolina

Not Available
Raleigh NC  276xx

ProDoula Postpartum Placenta Specialist Workshop
This 2 day, 14 hour comprehensive workshop is designed to educate and guide you on your path to becoming a well-respected Postpartum Placenta Specialist in your community.

Condensed List Of Workshop Topics:

Placenta 101 – The Placenta
● Anatomy, form and function
● Honoring the placenta
Placenta 102 – The Client
● Client communication, DISC
● Physical, educational and emotional support
Placenta 201 – Encapsulation Methods
● Traditional Method - Step by step instruction and demonstration
● Raw Method - Potential drawbacks
● Placenta tincture - Step by step instruction and demonstration
● Sanitation and universal precautions
Placenta 202 – Placenta Consumption
● Pregnancy conditions in relation to ingestion
● Circumstances preventing ingestion
● Unusual circumstances
Placenta 203– Placenta Art and Keepsakes
● Prints - Instruction and demonstration
● Umbilical cord keepsakes - Instruction and demonstration
Placenta 301 – Equipment and Supplies
● Purchasing proper equipment
● Sanitizing and storing equipment
● Bottles, jars and labels
Placenta 401 – Business Tools and Information
● Transportation and preparation location
● Business structure and insurance
● Pricing – Contracts – Payments - Client follow up - FAQs
● Branding and marketing materials

This 2 day -- 14 hour workshop must be attended in its entirety. Cost for program is $595 plus your first year membership fee of $75. Annual membership fee for each subsequent year is $50. (ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE) To register visit us at or call (914) 400-3494

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